The Inter-Registrar transfer Policy (IRTP) aims to provide a straight forward procedure for domain name Registrants to transfer the domain names from one ICANN-accredited registrar to another. The policy also provides standardised requirements for registrars handling transfer requests.

The ‘IRTP-C’ is the third part in a series ICANN policy improvements in the existing transfer policy. Part C has been implemented to address fraudulent issues that sometimes arise from the transfer of domains or change in ownership.


The policy now defines a ‘Change of Registrant’ to be a change to any of the following fields of a domain registration:

  • Registrant name
  • Registrant organisation
  • Registrant email address

What is the new policy?

Registrars must use a secure mechanism to confirm that both the existing Registrant and new Registrant have consented to any Change of Registrant.

Registrars must notify the existing Registrant and new Registrant of a Change of Registrant and provide the notice described in the policy. This includes an explanation of the request and information on how to approve or cancel the Change of Registrant.

Registrars must impose a 60-day transfer lock following a Change of Registrant, however Registrants will have the option to opt out of the transfer lock prior to the Change of Registrant request being approved.

How has Speednames implemented the policy?

Any change, however small, to the Registrant details must adhere to the ICANN policy and will undergo a Change of Registrant request.

All changes to these fields must be approved by the existing and new Registrant, even if the email address remains the same.

After a Change of Registrant is processed, the domain will be transfer locked for 60 days, to prevent the Registrant from transferring the domain to another registrar. The existing Registrant may choose to prevent the locking of the domain by explicitly selecting to opt-out.  If the decision to opt-out is not selected, the domain will be transfer locked for 60 days and this lock cannot be removed under any circumstances.

When does the policy take effect?

The policy will come into effect on the 1st December 2016.

What does this mean for me?

We encourage all of our customers to make sure that their Registrant details are correct before this policy takes effect. Any Change of Registrant made after the policy takes effect will require approval from both the existing and new Registrant.

Each Registrant will have five days to approve the Change of Registrant request. Should one of the email requests not be approved, the Change of Registrant request will not be processed. If the existing Registrant does not opt-out of the transfer lock before the Change of Registrant, the transfer lock will be placed and cannot be removed until after the 60 day period.

What if I no longer have access to the existing email address?

In the event that the existing email address is inaccessible, please contact our Support team.

What if I do not receive the email?

The Change of Registrant request is sent from We would recommend you add this email address to the safe senders list. Once this has been done, please let us know and we’ll resend the request.

For information on how to update the registrant details for the domain name, please visit

Should you have any questions, please contact us at