Speednames is one of the top European providers of domain name services, offering registration capabilities for over 80 top level domains (TLD´s).
Where does Speednames come from
 Speednames is over 10 years experience Over 15 years of experience
As far back as 1999, Speednames was already there to register domain names to businesses and individuals. Techniques have changed, the dot-com bubble burst, new technologies came in and more TLDs arises every year, but our expertise constantly grew so we can today offer you the best service ever.
 Speednames is a Worldwide partner A Worldwide Partner
We now provide services to over 20,000 customers in more than 100 countries around the world. However, we have still not lost sight of our mission, namely to provide affordable, easy to use services whilst offering high levels of professional support to all of our customers from our European-based support centre in six different languages. We also value the importance of our customers´ feedback and encourage you to get in touch over any matter. Speednames is part of NetNames.