Linux Beginner Features

Linux Beginner Features

Linux Beginner is the perfect solution for hosting your website.
Ideal for bloggers, web designers, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to get their website started.


Linux Beginner hosting from Speednames is ideal for individuals, bloggers and entrepreneurs Ideal for Individuals, Bloggers and Entrepreneurs 

If you have a small budget, Linux beginner hosting from Speednames is perfect to get your website up and running Suitable for Small Budgets

Plenty of Storage  Secure and Reliable
It's easy to set up Linux Beginner hosting from Speednames with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress Compatible with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress Our multilingual support team is on hand to help you get your website up and running Free Technical Support You can incorporate PHP, Perl or MySQL into your pages with Linux Beginner hosting Great for Data-driven Sites

From 24.99/year*


Take a look at the Linux Beginner features table below for more information.

Webspace Features   Programming and Databases  
Webspace 3GB PHP4 & 5
Monthly Traffic Volume Unlimited** Perl
FTP Access    My SQL 1
Speednames Control Panel   CGI-BIN
Data Centre and Security   Marketing  
Daily Server Backups Search Engine Compatible
Automatic Updates   Web Statistics   
Protected by Up-To-Date Firewall    
Web Address Features   Customer Support  
Subdomains Unlimited*** 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 
Domains Unlimited***  Technical Support

From 24.99/year*

You will need a domain name from Speednames to use with your web hosting. If you don’t already have a domain from Speednames you can buy a new one now, all domains are sold separately.



*VAT may be applicable at 25%

**Our bandwidth is free of charge for all customers unless we believe someone, abusing the system, is impacting the ability for other customer’s websites to function to our high speed standards.  Check the terms and conditions for the fine print.

*** If you have multiple domains and subdomains with Speednames, you can manage them under one hosting account.