Registrant Rights and Responsibilities:


For ICANN Registrant Rights and Responsibilities principles, please click here.

Domain Disputes:


Speednames adheres to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Policy ("UDRP") which is applicable to all gTLDs and some ccTLDs. The current version of the UDRP is found here.

For all co.uk registrations Speednames adheres to the Nominet Dispute Resolution Service (DRS), please click here for the latest policy.

In addition, Speednames adheres to all other dispute resolution policies where the registry operator for the applicable domain name has chosen to administer a different dispute resolution policy.

Speednames adheres to the Uniform Rapid Suspension (“URS”) which is applicable to all gTLDs. The current version of the URS is found here.

Registrant Benefits and Responsibilities:


 For Registrant Benefits and Responsibilities, please click here (PDF).

.UK Domain Name Policy

.UK domain name WHOIS Data Quality Verification Policy

All .uk domains (apart from .gov.uk and .ac.uk) will have their WHOIS details checked periodically checked and verified directly by the domain registry Nominet under their "Data Quality Policy" against their own verification systems. Where WHOIS data is found to be inaccurate OR incomplete, Nominet will contact Speednames as the Accredited Channel Registrar. It is then Speednames’s responsibility to ensure that the issue is resolved by liaising directly with the domain Registrant. When Speednames is notified of such an issue by Nominet, Speednames will contact the Registrant via the following methods:

Email (using main contact email address on clients' account)
Phone (using registered contact number on clients' account)
Letter (sent to main registered address held on clients' account)

Where the issue relates to an address verification query then Speednames shall require the existing Registrant to provide corrected data which we shall validate against Speednames’s own verification systems. If Speednames is unable to do this then Speednames would require documentary evidence from the Registrant that the address data is correct by requesting proof of address through providing a copy of a utility bill, credit card/bank statement, invoice, passport, driving licence or similar document. Once Speednames has verified the information that has been sent, Speednames shall make the required changes within 3 working days and then inform Nominet.

Where the issue relates to a registrant name/type verification query then Speednames shall require the existing Registrant to send through a signed request or where the Registrant is an organisation,  should be signed by an Officer or Director of the organisation on the organisations letterhead paper, confirming on the correct Registrant details that should be set and supplying documentary evidence that the amended Registrant name is correct (i.e. proof of payment for the original domain registration/renewal or proof that the domain is used by the person/organisation via an associated website that uses the domain). Once Speednames has verified the information that has been sent, Speednames shall make the required changes within 3 working days and then inform Nominet.

If Speednames is unable to make contact with a Registrant by any of the above contact methods within 30 days of the first request being sent OR Speednames is unable to verify the data that has been returned to Speednames by the Registrant as per above requirements then under Nominet's Data Quality Policy, Speednames will suspend the domain name(s) which will mean any associated website/email will no longer function, until such time that Speednames has received a response and can successfully verify the data that has been sent. Any domain names that are in suspension cannot be renewed.

Nominet’s Data Quality Verification Policy can be viewed at following link: resource page here

Renewal Reminders

Prior to the expiration of a .UK domain registration we will notify the registered name holder by email that the domain registration is scheduled to expire. These notices will be sent in English and will be sent at the following times:

First Notice – approximately 60 days prior to expiry

Second Notice – approximately 30 days prior to expiry

Third Notice - approximately 26 days prior to expiry

Fourth Notice – approximately 14 days prior to expiry

Fifth Notice – approximately 4 days prior to expiry

Sixth Notice - approximately 1 days prior to expiry

Final Notice – approximately 5 days after expiry if no renewal instructions have been received

Expired Registration Recovery Policy for gTLDs:

Please click here for the latest policy.

Information on Mandatory Data Transfers :

Please click here for the latest policy.


Customer queries, Feedback and Complaints Procedure

We believe in providing excellent products and services backed up by first class support. However, we do realise that sometimes things go wrong. We will endeavour to put things right first time as quickly as we can. If you need to contact us to raise an issue, report abuse, make a complaint or give us some feedback then in the first instance contact us at support@speednames.uk, or write to us at the address below. We will aim to acknowledge all correspondence within 24 hours.

We will investigate your complaint within three business days. Some complaints by their very nature, however, may take longer than others to resolve. If we have been unable to complete our investigation of your complaint within this timeline we will contact you. We will keep you informed of progress in a way that best suits you and at a time that is convenient for you.

Policies for new gTLDs:

New gTLDs - Registry Information

gTLDs - Registry Information

ccTLDs - Registry Information