Expired Registration Recovery Policy for gTLDs

Renewal Reminders

Prior to the expiration of a gTLD domain registration (e.g. .com, .info, etc), we will notify the registered name holder by email that the domain registration is scheduled to expire.  These notices will be sent in English  and will be sent at the following times:

First Notice – approximately 60 days prior to expiry

Second Notice – approximately 30 days prior to expiry

Third Notice – approximately 26 days prior to expiry

Fourth Notice – approximately 14 days prior to expiry

Fifth Notice - approximately 4 days prior to expiry

Sixth Notice - approximately 1 days prior to expiry

Final Notice – approximately 5 days after expiry if no renewal instructions have been received

Redemption Grace Period

All gTLD Registries must offer a Redemption Grace Period of 30 days following deletion of a domain registration during which time the registered name holder may restore the domain registration.